A Gift of Love


Gift of Love – A Young Boy and A Horse

Several years ago, I volunteered at a local organization that provides equine assisted therapy to children with limitations. I volunteered 1-2 Saturdays a month, as my time allowed.

I frequently remember back to a very powerful and moving experience I had while volunteering.  Through a young boy and a horse, I learned just how healing and powerful the connection between the animals and humans really is!

My job was to either lead the horse around the arena or to hold the occupant safely on the horses back.

On this day, I was leading the horse for a young boy whose muscles where so tight his body was pulled inwardly (almost curled up), including his legs and arms. The instructor placed him in the saddle and we began slowly moving around the arena. As I was leading the horse, I was also keeping an eye on the boy just to make sure all was good… As I was doing this, I began to notice how the boy’s muscles were starting to loosen up, his legs and arms began to relax and to slowly drop. As this process was happening, the horse was stopping and taking deep breaths followed by sighs.

I am not sure how long we walked because I was so caught up in what I was seeing, it was probably 30 minutes or so. When the instructor said we were done, I was just simply amazed at how the boy’s physical posture had transformed. I recall at one point when we were doing a fast walk, he raised his head and laughed. It was a wonderful experience!

The instructor ask me to take the horse to the side of arena so they could dismount the boy. Which I did. Once the boy was off the horse, I began gently rubbing the horse. As I was standing there looking at the horse and loving on him, I began to feel ‘I needed to do something more’.   I looked at the horse and my understanding was that the horse had been taking on the boy’s energy. At that time,  I wasn’t sure if that meant taking on the energy of the boy’s disease or simply transmuting the energy of the tight muscles. This was still new to me!

I looked down at the horses front hoofs and I felt drawn to the area just above the ankle, I felt drawn to place my hands there. So, I did. As I was rubbing the horses neck and withers, I would slip down to the area of the ankle. I cupped my hands as best I could around the area and allowed myself to just be. At one point the horse turned his head back toward me softly snorted, took a deep breath and sighed. Finally, he was just standing totally relaxed eyes closed. At the time it all came to me and seemed natural. Put your hands here, do this and – I did. Unfortunately, at the time I was more focused on what the instructor might ‘think’ and was carefully concealing what I was doing in case she might ask me…. I have to laugh now, because if she had asked me, I wouldn’t have been able to tell her, as I didn’t consciously know myself!

I remember feeling how incredibly wonderful it all was and the sense of gratitude I felt afterwards. It was indeed a very special event!

I now have a much greater understand of what took place between the boy, the horse and myself.

Horses assist us in healing in many ways.  They know who they are, they understand their connection to all that is.  When we become connected with a horse (as the boy did) – we become connected with all that is – infinite potential – infinite love.  The connection with horses energy and the movement of the horse allowed for the boys body to relax. In relaxing the body, the energy that was stagnate was starting to move – creating a release of energy. That energy was entering the horses energy field and his body, which the horse willingly allowed. This energy may have eventually dissipated on its own, I don’t know for sure. At the time I wasn’t thinking, I was just following. I followed what felt right, which was to assist the horse to release the build of energy just above his ankles. The deep breaths and sighs along with his honoring glance in my direction meant we were done!

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