A Pigeon Shared a Vision With Me

Several years ago in 2003 or 2004 a Pigeon shared a vision with me and I would like to share it with you.

As, my son and I were driving out of the grocery store parking lot as he had made a left hand turn, I could see down to the far end of the parking lot. There was a Village Inn restaurant and in the parking lot in front of it, I saw what looked like a bird flopping around in distress. I was just about to ask my son to drive down there. When he said, ‘yes, I see it and I know you need to go there.’ My son, had come to understand me very well over the years! Any time there is an animal in distress, if I can assist them I do, no mater what the circumstances might be.

He drove us in the direction of the bird as soon as we were about 2 car lengths from the bird, he stopped the truck and I got out. I went to the injured bird – it was a pigeon. I did not see any outwardly signs of injury but it was definitely injured. It appeared to be very disoriented. The pigeons eyes were wide, the neck was crooked, it could not hold its head up, it could not stand and it was flopping around in a tizzy.

People were walking around it and looking at it in discuss…no one seemed to care! I bent down, softly talking to it I gently scooped it up and walked toward the sidewalk. I recall, a man standing on the sidewalk and he spoke to me. I don’t recall exactly what he said, but it was something about – “at least someone cares enough to get him out of the road!” I remember nodding my head at him as I continued walking down the sidewalk holding the pigeon in my hands.

The pigeons little body was shaking and quivering, like his nervous system was involuntarily twitching and convulsing. As I was walking and talking with him – I asked him (in my mind) what I could do to assist him? and what I got was – to offer love and light and I did. At this point, mentally or consciously or both, everything changed for me. I was aware of everything around me but none of it was important…it was almost like, I was somehow uniquely separate from my surroundings. I was in it but not of it. I felt completely and totally connected to the pigeon – like it was just the two of us and nothing else. There was activity going on around us – but none of it mattered. Nothing else mattered except what was happening in my hands with the pigeon.

I continued to walk the length of the mall holding him. He began to calm down, his eyes were no longer wild with fear and his body was becoming less ridged, the quivering and jerking was lessening. I could feel his legs straightening and he would grasp my fingers with his little feet.

At this point something else happenedI began to see (in my minds eye) a vision of birds falling from the sky…many, many birds, all types of birds! It was like – it was raining birds…it was just awful! I asked – Why are you showing me this? What is the purpose of my seeing this? The response that I heard was, “When the time is right, you will know why you have seen this.” And then the vision was gone. I didn’t ask any more questions, I simply continued walking.

I walked around to the back of the mall and down to the far end. Where I found a quite grassy area and I sat the pigeon down. He was now able to stand on his feet – he turned his head toward me and looked me right in the eye – as if to say – thank you! My eyes filled with tears and I replied “you are welcome.” He lifted a wing to clean under it. Then ruffled his feathers and continued cleaning. I knew, he was going to be alright.

I remember more tears running down my cheeks, as I was so deeply moved by what I had just experienced and I was so very grateful that he was going to be all right. I said, good- bye to him, thanked him and turned around to find my son standing behind me! Earlier – when I said – that I shifted to a different mental or conscious place, this is what I meant – I never heard my son driving the truck behind me and following me down the back of the mall! Unbelievable, as the truck was a Cummins diesel truck – they are not quiet, to say the least!! I was shocked to see him standing there and the truck parked behind me!

Once, in the truck and on our way home, I had the opportunity to reflect back on what had taken place. I shared with my son, the vision that I had seen and asked him what he thought it might mean? Things like – was it connected to what had happened to the bird? or was it in future? exactly what was it? My son simply replied, “Mom, as the bird had shared with you – you will come to understand, when the time is right.”

Over the years, I have often wondered, if something catastrophic would be happening that would create an event like what I had seen or if it was like a metaphor? A metaphor – for what we are doing to the environment and how it impacts the animals, the birds, the insects and much more. We intentionally destroy birds, their nests, their eggs – with chemicals that are toxic (to remove them from the flight paths of the airplanes or because they are simply a pest). We place many chemicals in the environment that are highly toxic (affecting their foods, waters and bodies). We place frequencies in the air and the oceans, that impacts their natural guidance systems and nervous systems and the list goes on and on and on. When you take all of that into account – we are killing them and they are falling from the sky!!

Update 11-19-2010

I had been researching the controversial subject of chemtrails. My intention was to discover – what impact the chemtrails were having on the animals, birds and insects. During this research, I discovered several news articles regarding – large amounts of birds ‘falling from the sky’ when I read that it sent a quiver down my spine! – as I recalled that earlier event with the pigeon. And I wondered – was it was now happening?

I wanted to know more, what killed the birds? why did they fall from the sky? So, I began researching these stories. For the most part, I was unsuccessful in finding anything more than the original news article about their deaths. I could find no updates or follow up stories as to what the birds had died from. Only, one of the stories had an update. That one said, “that the authorities, had determined that the birds had been poisoned with poison intended for pigeons (oops) and that is was due to a drop in temperature combined with the poison – that was the cause of these birds all dying at the same moment and dropping from the sky.” Really??? Okay…. you have to wonder about that explanation! They are telling us, that all (65-68) of the birds got chilled – at the same time and dropped from the sky – at the same time – due to a reaction to the poison (which means the reaction time would have to be at the same time)!! Amazing!!! I for one, do not accept this explanation!

I believe, there is much more – that is and has been happening – to the animals, the birds, the plants, and the insects, then the public is being told or is even aware of.

Things will not improve but only worsen, until we become aware of – what is happening and make choices – to change it. In many cases, it is simply becoming aware of what is happening and bringing that awareness to the publics attention. I believe, that if people really knewwhat was going on – that most would want to change it!

Changes can be made and solutions can be found – that support all life forms. The first step, is to open our eyes and our minds and than to allow our hearts to lead us.

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  1. cornelius says:

    i was deeply moved by your article. happy new year!

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