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About Karen

I was born in Texas and raised everywhere as my father was in the Air Force and we moved frequently. This life brought with it the opportunity to experience a unique variety of nature and animals.

My Corporate Journey

My previous work was in Corporate America in Data/Telecommunications and Information Technology;  as a network engineer, manager, project manager and cyber security engineer.  I loved learning about the technology that is used to accomplish digital communications and global networking.  In reflecting back on my corporate life, I realize that the most rewarding and successful part of my career was working with the people. I love identifying peoples strengths, building on those strengths and creating a collaboration of strengths,  in teams. Each and every one of us has something unique to offer and when you bring all of that individual uniqueness together,  you create a very power group – that can accomplish just about anything!

My Spiritual Journey

Over the years I have continually researched and studied the area of what I will call ‘spirituality’ – who am I really?  why am I here?  Looking for explanations for all the ‘strange’ things that I have experienced since childhood.  I not only wanted to know more, I wanted to understand it all!  (I can hear my teacher Jonah, saying, ‘we understand you want to know every if, and, and butt about it…’ – always followed by ‘one step at a time!!’)

Energy  & Veterinary

I am a former student of Hassca Harrison, who teaches Tai Yi, an ancient form of healing.  These classes were monumental for me as they provided a foundation for understanding energy. In the Tai Yi classes,  I learned about the meridian systems of the bodies and how energy works with all of our bodies, the earth and the universe.

As I was taking these classes my ability to communicate with the animals was shifting as well, I began to see and feel different organs and parts of the animals bodies.  Not understanding exactly what I was experiencing, I set out to gain a greater understanding and learn more. I found a local Veterinary Assistant program to attend and later graduated with honors from the PIMA Medical Institute.  These classes aided my understanding of what I had been seeing and feeling,  while working with the animals. It gave me the knowledge of the organs, healthy verses non-healthy and how they work together.
While attending school and in my internship,  it became clear to me,  that what I wanted to participate in was a combination of traditional, non-traditional and non-invasive forms of healing. And more importantly to raise awareness that animals like people need physical and emotional support in all areas of their lives.


The combination of research, study and my own personal experiences, has broadened my understanding of energy, my own healing process and that of the animals. Over the years I have assisted many animals, both domestic and non-domestic animals through communication and with universal healing energy.  Although, each and everyone of these experiences has expanded my consciousness and my knowledge, I am aware there is so much more to learn!
It is my desire is to learn more and to understand more about,  how the animals have and are evolving with us and with the earth.  To assist people and animals in healing,  through the unconditional love and communication with the animals.  Sharing the information I have learned,  to assist in restoring the balance with the animals, the earth and us.
By sharing my experiences with the animals and from my own personal journal, it is my hope,  that as people read this information,  it may assist them on their own journey!

My Message to you!

Live by the example that the animals give us each and every day!
Live in unconditional love
Live in self acceptance
Live with honor and respect
Love and receive love
Be who You truly are no mater what
And above all Enjoy your Journey!

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