Bear Dream

The Dream About the Bear


I had a dream ….

I was with several people mostly young people, my father and one person who had on a red ball cap – which I wasn’t impressed with….

Anyway we were in a park of some kind, like a state park. Out in nature pine trees, rivers, high rock cliffs and mountains around us, it was very remote…

We all walked up a trail to the top of this hill, much like the top of a mountain with a steep cliff on the other side, there were pine trees all around us and we are all just looking out across the terrain, my father was to my left and the others were on my right….

I saw a black bear below us moving across the valley floor.  I say something like “look a bear” (I don’t shout or talk loudly but quietly) and we were all looking at it changes from a black bear to a huge grizzly bear….the direction he was headed was north and then it is like – in that moment, he realizes that we are looking at him and he changes direction and starts towards us…east….

At first, we are just watching it and then we realize it is coming for us…aggressively almost angrily.

We are not overly concerned, as the area we are on top of is very high, with a step cliff ledge, that he would have to climb to get to us and would pretty much be impossible….then we realize this guy is not going to give up…it is after us…he is attempting to climb up the steep rocky side and keeps slipping back down, as the rocks give way under his weight.

He does not give up in his attempts to climb the side of the cliff wall, which IS getting him closer to us!   We realize just how serious this is and we start to run….back down the trail that we came up.

We come to a ‘y’ in the trail, we can go back to the parking lot where our cars are parked or we can go the opposite direction into the forest.  I feel the forest is not the best place to go, because it clearly goes in a direction that may put us in more risk, as it leads to the wilderness. (I recall seeing a warning sign about a vast wilderness trail)

We make a decision to not go towards the parking lot – as that would be a quick and easy way for the bear to reach us….all he would need to do is leave the side of the mountain and come around the corner and wah-lla he would have us!

We choose to follow the trail, which goes up and across a wooden bridge and into never, never land!!  We walk up the trail and across the bridge, which goes over a pretty large, wide river… While standing there, we see the bear coming around the corner of the mountain headed our way!

I look at my father and we both agree that jumping in the river, is the best way to go…the bear will not be able to follow our scent because we are in the water…

Some of the people in our group, mostly the young people, have sleeping bags and then there is the man with the red ball cap!!

At any rate, we all jump in the water…the one’s with sleeping bags jump in with their sleeping bags, being used like life preserves and the guy with the red cap is in the back…

At first I am totally freaked out…the bear is charging around trying to find us and getting way, way to close for comfort…

I am thinking – once he reaches the water we may or may not be in trouble, (internally – I realize that he may or may not jump in the water after us) but that is a big ‘IF’!   I mean bears do hunt for their food in the water!! ….

We are floating down the river and I think about the fact that the direction we are heading, is not good…not safe – there is no known outcome – just farther into the wilderness…..

As we are going farther down the river, I hear a water fall…which is also not good!  And I tell everyone about the waterfall up ahead.

We exit the river prior to the water fall and find ourselves looking out over the parking lot were our vehicles are parked..the bear is there and tearing apart the vehicles one by one…he begins to approach the vehicles that the dogs are in and at this point I decide….that enough, is enough and I am going to do something about this!

Which means I need to do something different….

So, I decide to confront the bear rather than run…

I go back down the path, over the bridge and to the ‘y’ in the path and I decide to confront the bear… I didn’t have to find him, he suddenly appears – coming straight for me!

At first, I am petrified..then I feel, that there is no other way..this is the only way!

I stand facing the direction of the bear….with my arms down, palms extended towards the bear and I had the distinct feeling (although I did not see it) of energy coming from my palms going towards the bear…at first it appears that he is not going to stop… he is charging toward me in high pursuit and I thinking, ‘this is it – I am going to die…’

Then I decide, it really doesn’t matter.  What matters is, what is right and eating my dogs or us is not right!   I am holding that thought and standing my ground!

The bear gets really, really close – so close when he raises his head and snarls at me I feel his breath on me…jerking the front part of his body – he semi-lunges toward me, shaking his head, he snorts, snarls and growls at me and then he stops (I feel like he is not happy about it but he will do it) and he turns away and walks down the path….

I wake up!!  Heart racing and chest pounding…..thinking, thank goodness that was ‘just a dream’….be it a very real was just a dream :)

As I am getting ready for work that morning and going through my regular morning routine, I cannot shake the dream, it was so very real. And I know that it is not just a dream but a message.

Then I get it!! Actually there were several messages but these stood out for me.

– what appears to be one thing may actually be something else  (black bear turning into a grizzly)
– going down the unknown, may not be what you think it is (trail to wilderness)
– if you listen, you will hear danger before you get there (the waterfall)
– when we got out of the river, we had a clear view (parking lot)
– do what is right – face the fear (face the bear)

At the time, that I had this dream, I had internally made a choice to leave my corporate job and my known paycheck…to start my own business, using my ability working with the people and their pets.  I had not yet turned in my resignation and I had not fully supported (trust) myself in doing this.

The dream was about fear and facing fear with courage…..the outcome might just surprise you!

2 Responses to “Bear Dream”

  1. Diana says:

    Karen, thank you for sharing this dream. It’s really vivid and intense. And I love the message! Congratulations, and don’t look back!

  2. kcantrell says:

    Thank you Diana!

    For some reason I did not get notified when you made the post. I was just adding in a new article and saw it! Again, thank you!

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