Animal’s Corner

Simple Messages

Simple Messages Many times,  the messages from the animals are very simplistic and sometime comical. I recall, when a friend called me,  as she was worried about her dog, because he was losing weight. When I connected with him, he immediately showed me a picture of him,  holding an empty bowl in his mouth. Now, […]

The Joy of Loving

Joy of Loving Over and over animals have shared, not only their infinite love for us, but their acceptance of certain situations, that for us, may be difficult to understand  or even to  accept.  For example, when our beloved pets have or are transitioning (passing).  I understand how difficult this is,  from my own personal experiences. I […]

The Birds and Bees and Thing Called Love

July 2010 The birds and bee’s, the flowers and the trees and thing called Love Today, I was working with a woman and her dog, a puppy mill rescue. In the puppy mill he was used for breading. The woman was calling and asking for assistance, as the dog which she has now had for […]

A Gift of Love

A Gift of Love

2005 Gift of Love – A Young Boy and A Horse Several years ago, I volunteered at a local organization that provides equine assisted therapy to children with limitations. I volunteered 1-2 Saturdays a month, as my time allowed. I frequently remember back to a very powerful and moving experience I had while volunteering.  Through […]

The Place!

The Place! Many times over the years the animals have shared with me during sessions and at other times, a picture of a very wonderful place. It always appears exactly the same, as if looking at a printed picture over and over. The scene is total tranquility, peaceful, playful and joyful. The grass is a […]