Client’s Corner – What Client’s Have to Say….

From Chris

“Karen thank you for confirming what I thought to be real in that my dogs do in fact sill exist and communicate with us!”

From Tina

“Karen Cantrell is absolutely fabulous! I was able to talk with my precious dog that passed over and when we got Buddy we got a reading to find out why he is here and who he is. Her gift is priceless.”

From Cilla

How to go about expressing the gratitude I feel toward Karen!! She has been of such help in understanding my pets, first of all, and in modeling how to connect with them. (My little fox terrier just today told me that I needed to talk to Karen!) My dogs share their love with me and […]

From India

My dogs spent their formative years on acreage and we moved this summer to  a village with fences and a yard. Blanca-Rose developed some dominating/ aggressive tendencies with other dogs and folks walking by the fence line.  Annabelle barked obsessively and snarled when people came nearby.  Both were new behaviors and were getting steadily worse. Karen spent […]

From Sarah & Lucy

I loved having you speak at the shop- you were so wonderful! If you are interested in coming back again Lucy and I would love to have you. See you soon. Sarah Woof! Lucy

From Silvina

I really enjoyed the session, you really got their picture! Truly how they are.  You seemed like a wonderful person, and can read my pets well..

From Amanda

Karen had an amazing ability to share with us our newly adopted dogs past living conditions, past and current emotional state, fears and joys! This information was invaluable to our family and helped us to instantly see improvement from our dogs’ sudden critical illness! She gave me the confidence to trust my own (ignored) intuition […]

From Connie

Karen, thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH for the awesome session!!!!!!!!!   I didn’t know what to expect and I’m so happy with how you tuned into both Zena and Willie and actually related their experiences and feelings into my own life and also my son’s.    Just an amazing experience.   Now that I know what […]

From Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D

Karen is a remarkably gifted animal communicator and intuitive healer. Through her talents, she has helped me access the deepest levels of healing for myself and my animals. I’ve been amazed at the depth and accuracy of her insights. And have used her suggestions to improve the wellbeing of my animals, to deepen my relationship […]

From Kim

Things got a little crazy last year. I sold the house and went to live with my cousin and her husband in Spain for several months. Cleo, my cat, was uprooted from the only home she knew and initially went to live with a friend, who I discovered when I brought Cleo over, was not […]

From Sarah

My beloved Collie, French Fry, had been sick and getting worse for several months, no appetite, losing hair as well as weight and diarrhea.  I was so worried and knew he was dying a slow death.  After multiple traditional veterinary tests, blood tests and exams-no clue as to the cause, I called my friend Karen […]

From Ann

Karen is unbelievably gifted.  When our dog disappeared, Karen  was able to describe accurately the area around our home and gave us assistance in locating his body.  Karen allowed  us to stop searching and start grieving.  By describing the circumstances of his death, Karen eased our loss immeasurably.  I recommend Karen to my friends without […]