From India

My dogs spent their formative years on acreage and we moved this summer to  a village with fences and a yard.

Blanca-Rose developed some dominating/ aggressive tendencies with other dogs and folks walking by the fence line.  Annabelle barked obsessively and snarled when people came nearby.  Both were new behaviors and were getting steadily worse.

Karen spent an hour with us.  When she first arrived the dogs immediately greeted her with wagging tails and were quiet and calm in her presence.  She was able to assess our dogs were confused and unable to grasp their new environment with a sense of security.

She shared valuable insights and guidance on approaches I could use to address the issues.  Her answers were thorough and concise.

I saw an immediate breakthrough in my communication with our dogs and their responsiveness in a day’s time. Three weeks later there has been an 85% improvement in all aggressive fence behavior.

I am still astonished at how much information Karen accessed and how hugely different the dogs ‘seem to be’.  After meeting Karen I am not surprised at the results, I can confide I am delighted!

India Rassner-Donovan


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