From Sarah

My beloved Collie, French Fry, had been sick and getting worse for several months, no appetite, losing hair as well as weight and diarrhea.  I was so worried and knew he was dying a slow death.  After multiple traditional veterinary tests, blood tests and exams-no clue as to the cause, I called my friend Karen and asked her to help.
She was able to communicate with my dog and he with her to tell her what was wrong……it was nothing that ever could have been diagnosed conventionally. She was absolutely wonderful and accurate and right on, letting French Fry “speak” to her.  Her reading was most helpful to me also as one of the issues was connected to a deep issue, I was working to heal at that same time….Her referral led us to an alternative treatment veterinarian who was able to actually diagnose and treat French Fry.  In 6 weeks, French Fry had healed on all levels, and is now healthy and happy!

Thank you Karen for your love and sharing your ability.

Sarah Donahue

French Fry’s brother, Rodeo, had always been fortunate to be healthy and has a strong immune system.  One night some months ago, however, Rodeo had a seizure which scared me so!  Out of the blue, so to speak, as he had had no symptoms of illness at all prior.  I called Karen right away and she did a reading with Rodeo where he communicated to her what was occurring within him, even sharing on a level that Karen was able to suggest emergency energy treatment that I could do……Her ability to communicate with Rodeo and understand what he was sharing I am sure saved his life.

Keep up your great work Karen, and thank you so much.

Sarah Donahue

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