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Communication & Session Information

Communication & Session Information

On this page you will find additional information regarding how to prepare and what to expect from an animal communication sessions.

What do I Need to do?

All that is required is the desire to communicate with them and being open to the information that they desire to share. The connection with the animals can be remote by phone or even as simple as a person talking with me about their animals. Connecting with an animals spirit does not depend on them being physically present or even in the physical, as their spirit energy is always present and may choose to communicate through any form or method.

“They share with patience, compassion, humor and wisdom.

What to Expect
Different animals communicate in different ways based on their experiences and what is most important to them at the time. Most often what they have to share is about their health, their environment, about the people in their life. It is like an adventure each time as I never know what path the animal will take us on!
It has been my experience more often than not, they communicate both their desires and what they desire for us.

When working with clients and their animals the information is typically on multiple levels, in that the person who is asking about a particular animal, learns not only about the animal but about them self. It has been my experience that animals mirror our energies and that of their environment. It is important to understand what they are showing us through their behavior and why. This information is invaluable in assisting us to understand what the animal is experiencing and ways to assist them and also discover the messages and support the animals want to share to assist us in our own healing path. Frequently personal information is shared to assist the client to understand more about energy patterns that are prominent in their lives and how to work with it.

A different way of looking at our lives and the lives of our animals.

Animals can teach us about commitment, freedom from beliefs and traditions that limit us. How to reconnect with the parts of us that have been forgotten like play, excitement, joy, being in the moment and most importantly about love – unconditional love. They also teach us about the polar opposites fear, anger, aggression, and the energy of survival.

They are teachers with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Animals unlike humans cannot control their environment as we can. They depend on us to provide a loving safe environment for them, taking responsible for their health and welfare. When an animal is in need of assistance it is truly up to us to provide what they need. During a session animals frequently share physical and emotional issues they are experiencing. Animals do have opinions, desires and needs regarding;  their physical bodies as well as suggestions for their care, medical attention or changes that need to occur in their environment. While working with them guidance is offered to address what they are communicating.

Being open to both traditional and non-traditional forms of healing and simply paying attention to their behavior (messages) are steps that can be of great benefit to them. Many times when an animal is given the opportunity to communicate with the person, what they want them to hear, that simple act of communication can allow them to release energy. This release of energy can open the door for healing or shifting of behavior or even transitioning.

When we listen and honor their communication it can prove healing for both animal and human!

Understanding the Animal Kingdom
My experience with the animals has taught me that all animals have a purpose. Most of the domestic animals that are in our lives are here to assist us in a more personal way. Where as the non-domesticated animals are assisting us to understand more about the environment, the earth and the changes that are occurring. Animals are very aware of vibration, they not only recognize when changes are about to occur, prior to the change actually taking place but they evolve and change to meet that vibration. They respond instinctively to the vibration they feel in order to survive. Through my experiences, I have come to understand that all animals reflect back their environment, they mirror how that environment is affecting them. It is amazing just how energetically aware they really are. And how much we can learn from them if we are open and willing to receive their assistance.

I have come to understand in working with the animals that communication can be healing in itself. Being heard and understood has the potential to bring about change that is needed for both the animal and the human. We are all connected!

My Desire
It is my desire that people will come away from a reading with valuable information that assists both the person(s) and the animal in their healing. Empowering them through understanding and providing tools to work with.
When clients understand what their animals want them to know and they work with the information that is shared, their relationships can together change.

Assisting people to experience their animal companions in a new way as a teacher, partner in life.

Personal Sessions
To schedule a Session please go to the ‘Sessions’ page for more information.