Simple Messages

Simple Messages

Many times,  the messages from the animals are very simplistic and sometime comical. I recall, when a friend called me,  as she was worried about her dog, because he was losing weight. When I connected with him, he immediately showed me a picture of him,  holding an empty bowl in his mouth. Now, I know my friend well and she takes great care of her animals, so this was perplexing.

I asked him,  to show me more…. And he did! He would drop the empty bowl, then pick it up, then drop it again, pick it up, drop it, the same scene over and over…

I wondered what the heck does this mean?

Then I got (through ‘thought’ form) something about her changing his food.

I asked my friend, ‘have you recently changed his food?’

She replied, ‘yes, but it is all natural and very good for him’…..At which point the dropping of the bowl got louder!!

I asked, ‘how much are you feeding him?’

She replied, ‘what was recommended on the bag’ …the dropping of the bowl is getting even LOUDER!!

I said, ‘Well, I really think he is HUNGRY’

Confused by this, my friend decided to recheck the recommended amount from the dog food bag.   She put me on hold and went to check. Upon her return – she said,  ‘well, he probably is hungry, I miss read it and was only giving him half the amount he should be getting.’

At which point he dropped the bowl and sat down – with what looked like a Big Smile on his Face :)

Message Received!


Years ago, when I was first doing sessions, I did them mostly with people and their guides. Animals would frequently come in (I would see them during a session). And sometimes they would show them selves to me in a big way!

Once,  while I was doing a session with a woman, this black cat would get in front of the pictures,  that I was seeing from her guides.

Several times (through ‘thought’ form) I would ask, the cat to please move.  The cat would move to the side – then slip back in again.  This went on for over thirty minutes.

Finally, I asked the women, if she had a black cat? and said that she had and that the cat had just recently passed on.

At which point,  the cat got right in my face literally!!, I couldn’t see anything but a black cat!

So, I asked the cat, if she had something she would like to share?

I swear she started jumping all around, yes! yes!, she Did have something to share!

The cat wanted her owner to know,  that she loved her very much and missed being in the physical with her and to also let the woman know that she (the cat) was alright – and for her owner not to worry about her.

A beautiful simple message, presented with great determination :)


A friend, recently sent me a text message, saying they needed to connect with me regarding a kitten.

As I was replying to the message, I kept hearing, ‘yes, yes’….

Having no idea what the ‘yes’ was about, I called my friend back.  I said, the answer is ‘yes’…whatever it is, the answer is yes!

It turned out that they were considering getting a kitten!  The answer was, an obvious ‘YES!’

Clear Strong Communication :)

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