The Birds and Bees and Thing Called Love

July 2010

The birds and bee’s, the flowers and the trees and thing called Love

Today, I was working with a woman and her dog, a puppy mill rescue. In the puppy mill he was used for breading. The woman was calling and asking for assistance, as the dog which she has now had for over 4 months, experiences high anxiety any time she leaves him any where. The anxiety creates diarrhea, which is released anywhere and everywhere and in his anxiety he paces through it and well you can imagine her dilemma. (I will refer to the dog as ‘he/him’ in this article)

When I connected with him, at first all I could feel was confusion and high anxiety, which felt like a continual circle of energy. Sometimes strong – other times not as strong but always there.

As we continued on in the session, this is the information that he shared with me (I am sharing this – as I experienced it with him, at different points during the session, I experienced it as if I am him).


He feels like he was plucked from one planet and placed on a completely foreign planet. Like, you were living on Mars and you know how to do that and what to expect there. Then all of a sudden, you have been plucked up and then dropped on Earth.

Everything is totally different, everything!! This is scary, real scary! Even the humans – (which he did have exchange/experience with in his previous home) are much different here and even the dogs are different! How he lives, eats and sleeps here (his new home) is different. And he feels very, very confused and doesn’t know what to do next – “over load of emotions. It all feels just huge, overwhelming and he just wants to hide.

I let him know, everything is okay and that I understand what he is sharing with me and at the same time I am sending calming energy to him….I take a few deep breaths and then go on.

I ask him, ‘different in what way?’

(he shared this part in pictures with very little feeling)

He showed me, that he had lived in a cage, slept where he defecated and ate, had limited adventures outside of the cage. Which humans seemed to control (adventures) and these were even in cages or small enclosed areas, but similar to his cage.

(here I am experiencing it through him at times and others through pictures and feelings)

Here (his new home) everything is open (I see only out about 3-4 feet around me, which means ‘open’ to him is more than 3-4 feet) and I am not sure what to do! What to expect, this is all very unfamiliar to me. (I feel very anxious and scared)

At first I didn’t even understand the outdoors – going outside, I had never done this before. (It all looks and smells very different from what he is used to)

I am not used to being touched so much and at first it felt very unsettling, almost scary.  I didn’t know what would happen next. (it felt like he had always been handled roughly – soft touch without an agenda was very, very new for him)

I understand that the woman I am with, most of the time. (‘I ask him what he means by most of the time?’)

(He flashes a picture of inside of a house – ‘I see legs and a dog’) he goes on….

when she touches me (I see mostly petting or picking him up) it doesn’t hurt but mostly feels okay, well at least most of the time…

At this point, I understand that he is feeling something he was not been previously exposed to – ‘being loved and petted’ and at the same time, I also feel he does like it but is worried that something unpleasant will happen after he feels relaxed – loved.

I ask him, ‘what was the scariest thing for him?’

When she takes me to the other house, there are more humans walking about and another dog (the legs and dog picture again). The dog there (at the other house) is much different then the one’s I am used too. I am not used to being approached so much and I feel scared a lot and I want to hide. I don’t know what to expect, what to do next!

I used to know what to expect and for the most part, what the outcome would be. Now,  I have no idea and there is just so much happening so quickly, it confuses me. I want to be happy and to please her  but I am just not sure how to do that.

I asked him, ‘what about just being and feeling safe’, his reply was ‘what is that?’

And I then realized he had completely disconnected!  He was no longer connected to, what I will call,  his natural animal genetics as a dog or his true being-ness.

Animals in their genetic makeup have certain characteristics if you will, that assist them in living as well as surviving. It is kind of like a code of conduct which they live by.   In his case,  because of the environment he was living in, he had to separate from that natural code and become something quite different – in order to survive.  An example of this was eating, sleeping and defecating in the same dwelling.   This is not a natural way of living for most animals, especially dogs.  Dog’s have a natural sense of health and well being and sleeping, eating and defecating all in the same location is not natural, it goes against their natural nature.   So, he trying to relearn his natural instincts in a very confusing environment to him….Most importantly dog’s have a desire to assist us through unconditional love to return to who we truly are.  They emit and are unconditional love.  He, himself had lost this connection.

In parting with this little guy, I explained that where he is now is a safe place, where he can reconnect to his natural nature, his beingness.  He can run, jump, play and thrive.  He does not have to worry about surviving any longer and that he would not be going back to the old experience.   That he can trust the bond of love, accept the love and return it without fear.   I could see these parts of him, the parts that want to come out but because he is still in fear of what might happen, he keeps them tucked away.   I assured him, that it was okay for him to come out and run and play with the other dog!   To trust, to explore and to relax, to experience love, things he has never truly experienced before.

After our session was over and I reflected back on it.  I thought wow…what a reminder and a lesson this is,  to us humans as well.   For the most part we humans have disconnected from our natural state of being-  to become accepted by society, religion, family, friends etc.. and we no longer know who “we” are.   Most of us became, what others said – we should be or expected us to be –  in order to survive in this world.  We separated from the essence of who we truly are.  And we are missing out on all the wonderful experiences that we could be having, just like this dog was!

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