The Elephants & Water Buffalo

February  2008

The Elephants & Water Buffalo

I keep having recurring visions of elephants and water buffalo, and each time I have them, the environment, scenery and what the animals are doing, changes.

The interesting part about this vision is that it appears to me no matter where I am. I can be driving, at work, in the kitchen, reading, and it will just show up. I know that the elephants have a message, but I am not sure what it is. I feel that they are trying to tell me something important. It could be for me personally, or for humanity, or both!

The vision started with a herd of water buffalo. I am over them, (like a bird, but I know that I am not one) seeing them running. I see the dust, hear them, smell the dirt and sweat of the animals. I hear the ground rumbling like thunder as they move quickly. I feel the heat around them, in the air. I move with them as they turn to the left- then I am in a completely different place. I feel that I am in a very, very, big body. My eyes are small, but I feel very big and heavy, like I weigh a ton! Then I “think” I feel like an elephant and as I look around, I start to see that ‘I Am’ in a herd of elephants!

I feel the sun on my skin and it burns. It’s not just hot, it burns. I look around and there is no shade, no protection from the sun. Then we are moving, slowly moving, like it is difficult to move my body. I feel weak, like it takes all of my strength to move. I am moving very deliberately and very slowly.

We go through an opening between two tall trees that are quite a bit taller than I am. These trees are almost bare. There is a small group of limbs at the very top of the tree, with very few leaves providing no shade. We move through the opening and I see a watering hole. When I first had this vision, the area of the watering hole was quite large and filled with lots of water…but as the vision has reappeared to me two things have become very obvious. The sun is getting hotter and hotter on my skin, and the watering hole is getting smaller and smaller. It is drying up…

Last week the elephants took me to a beach. I was about to enter the water when I felt a strong vibration, and it did not feel “good”. I quickly turned, and the entire herd of elephants began to move at a quick pace, almost frantically, away from the water. Was it something wrong with the water? I wondered. No, it felt like the earth. I then reflected back to information around the tsunamis; animals know, they feel the vibrations before the event occurs. That is why very few “wild” animals are caught in disasters.

They feel and know it is time to move prior to the event happening. That doesn’t mean they always have time to avoid it, but they will definitely do their best.   The animals know they are connected to god, infinite source, the creator, all that is, whatever you desire to use.  The animals are energetically connected to the earth, to everything on the earth, to the universe and to god. It is their connection to all that is that allows them to respond in ways that are of the most benefit to them to survive and to evolve.  Their internal fight or flight energy does play a role, however the primary energy is through their connection with all that is.

So, the question is, what are they trying to show me? I continually reflect back to the vision. What did I see, feel and hear, what has changed, what remains the same? And why does it start with water buffalo and move to elephants?

What stands out for me are the elephants, the compassion, the emotions of these animals, their feeling of family. These elephants have deep compassion and bonding within their “family”. They are very emotional animals, they care deeply for each other, they protect, and they mourn. They are joyful when a young one plays and “shows up” (their words not mine). They are proud and joyful when the young express themselves through playfulness, fun, and joy. Of all the wild animals I have had the opportunity to connect with, these are the most emotional animals I have felt. Their feelings are deep and strong. Funny how that fits them, they are deep and strong, they are big and strong. They know just how powerful they are – however, they only use that power when they feel threatened. Their nature is not aggressive. Mostly, they are curious and silly (by our standards)! They have an incredible sense of playfulness….they freely express how they feel. And they love and support each other deeply.

This vision continues today, I do not fully understand what they want me to, but what I do know, is that the information that they are showing me reflects my own life and it reflects humanity…

In my experience in working with the animals,  the information that is provided is not always “just” about them or “just” about the person connected to them. It can be both or neither.  Sometimes it is about communicating, what has and is happening with the environment, with evolution. I feel that this vision is a message for me about me as well as one for humanity. I look forward to the day of clarity when I know, “Oh that is what the message was!” and when I reach that point, I will add to this story.



August 2010

I now understand the message of the elephants.  It is about supporting each other, loving, and enjoying each other.  No matter what the current circumstances might be in our lives.  These elephants continued to do this, even when the sun was getting hotter, their water supply is lessening.  They join together to take care of each other and to enjoy life. They openly express how they feel, for the most part humans have been programed to do what is safe not to be who you are.  They know how powerful they are – we have forgotten!  They use their power with integrity!

It is also a very strong reminder to me that we have forgotten our connection to all that is.  When we are still and in peace we experience that connection.  When we do that – clarity comes.  There would be no need to analyse or try to figure out what to do – we would know, just like the animals do.

I don’t yet know the message from the Water Buffalo – but I am sure I will in time :)

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