The Joy of Loving

Joy of Loving

Over and over animals have shared, not only their infinite love for us, but their acceptance of certain situations, that for us, may be difficult to understand  or even to  accept.  For example, when our beloved pets have or are transitioning (passing).  I understand how difficult this is,  from my own personal experiences.

I would like to share with you some insight,  I have gained from working with the animals.


Many times,  animals have expressed to me,  that they do not see their bodies as we do. They see their bodies as a tool to experience what they desire to experience.  They are not attached to their physical bodies as we humans are. The best way I can describe this, is to simply share with you, what my horse shared with me when she was transitioning.

As I was sitting on the ground with her,  stroking and loving her, she communicated this to me.

‘This physical body is not who I am.  Look into my eyes, then look up toward the sky!

As I did this,  I saw (in my minds eye) a colt frolicking in a field.  One,  that looked nothing like her!

She then communicated, ‘what do you feel from this colt?’

As I felt the energy of the colt,  it felt like a younger version of her!

She then communicated, ‘what you are feeling is my energy,  My Spirit Energy!  And this is who I Truly Am (the spirit energy) not this physical body!‘

I sat there for awhile,  thinking about what she had just showed me and a sense of peace came over me.

She then communicated,  ‘ I can and will return in a much younger body and one that I can Frolic in!’

At this I smiled, as her body had had many physical difficulties, she was getting up there in age and had been living with arthritis for several years.  So, yes, “a younger body to frolic in” –  I totally get this!

In that moment, I knew I had to let go of her physical body, so she would be free to return.

Through my tears, I thanked her for sharing this with me and told her how much I loved her.   And that, although I understood what she had just shared with me.  I am a human and as a human, it was going to be very hard for me to let her go,  as I would miss the presence of her physical body greatly!

She lifted her head and looked right into my eyes, as if to say ‘I understand but you can let go and I will be back’
She passed shortly after that.

To this day,  those moments are so clear for me.  She taught me not only about, how very simplistically animals see their physical bodies and why.  That we are more than the physical body and that the animals know this and wish for us to remember this.  She also shared that, life is to be lived and it is to enjoy the experiences we have in a physical body (as she did). No mater what she was experiencing in her physical body, she was always in the moment, never complaining, angry, difficult but always willing to love and be loved.

Most importantly she taught me to Love deeply and to reflect back on that Love, in honoring memory of the bond that we have shared with them.

She taught me about deeply loving and bonding, how to trust and many more life lessons (that I will share more about later in Karen’s Corner).

Later,  as I was working with clients, animals would frequently share – that they were not vested in their physical body and it was a vehicle or tool for them to accomplish what they desire.  Do they enjoy a healthy pain free body? absolutely!

Sometimes one’s that had passed,  shared their desires to come back in – but in a completely different type of body!

One I recall, wanted to come back in,  in a smaller body.  To experience being a lap dog!  As in a large body,  there were limits to what they could experience (for instance, sit on someones lap), where they could go (sit in between the kids in a car). Things of that nature.  This dog, as is true for most pets,  enjoyed being with people and experiencing the bond of Love and wanted to experience more!

Most desire for their owners to know, what kind of body they want that supports their desires.  And not to limit how they would return by being vested in a particular type of dog breed.

Many times animals are with us for a short period of time or may be subject to situations that are very unfair, inhuman or even cruel.
In short this is what I have learned from the animals regarding these type of events or situations.

Most importantly,  they do not want us to get stuck in guilt, anger, shame or fear!  I believe this has to do with their natural ability to understand and work with energy.

They understand (feel) the lower vibration of the energy of guilt, anger, shame and fear. And they do not want us to be in or stay in lower vibrations. Lower vibrations cannot create a higher vibration – only more of the same (lower vibrations).

Their desire,  is to experience with us, a higher vibration of  unconditional love.  They can experience this, in the physical or non-physical. They desire for us to truly love our selves, in doing this,  we automatically share the vibration of love with others.  So, please let go of the lower vibrations!  (I will be posting articles regarding healing our selves, which will provide more insight in how to do this)

When animals are with us for a short period of time, they do not want us to be depressed over the loss of their physical body, but instead, to connect with the love and the bond,  that we have shared with them, for whatever period of time that might have been.

They want us to focus on the love!

(In the future I will be sharing experiences from the animals – watch for them in the Animal’s Corner)

In my experience,  when an animal is subject to a negative environment or situation, depending upon the situation – usually but not always – they are fully aware of what is going on and what needs to change or shift.

It is through their experience and wisdom, they brings awareness by reflecting back that energy to us and to the world.  An example might be, an animal that is aggressive.

Most commonly, they are aggressive due to the environment that they live or lived in.  Which is usually,  a very negative type of environment,  filled with emotional, mental and physical lower vibrations.  Anger, judgement, punishment, lack of nurturing, lack of love all create an energy of fear – fear of not being loved, accepted or fear of survival.  These animals will react to that energy from past experiences and from an instinctual energy of ‘fight or flight’, depending on their individuality (personality) and their genetic make-up.

What the animals desire for us to learn from this, is to become more aware of and in some cases acknowledging ‘what is really taking place’ – rather than blaming or judging – or simply ignoring harmful actions.  Next, for us to make choices to change/shift that energy.  We can do this in many different ways, from a place of love and support, not from a place of fear or anger.

(I will be writing more about this and sharing it under Karen’s Journal)

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