The Place!

The Place!

Many times over the years the animals have shared with me during sessions and at other times, a picture of a very wonderful place. It always appears exactly the same, as if looking at a printed picture over and over.

The scene is total tranquility, peaceful, playful and joyful. The grass is a rich green, vibrantly healthy.  The flowers and trees all are deep rich colors, filled with vibrant healthy energy. I am seeing the edge of a forest and a meadow.

There are all types of animals, mostly domestic but there are also a few that are wild. They are eating, sleeping, playing, watching each other, grooming themselves and with no fear. Some are playing with each other, chasing each other…there is a a hollow log that a game of chase is being played on. No one is harming anyone and no one seems to be aware of or even concerned, that multiple animals of various species and breeds are here in this place. They are all there as if it is is just beautiful to watch!

Often I had asked, the animals about this place and why ‘they’ would continue to show it to me and the response I would get was, ‘ this is the place we go’. When I would ask, ‘go when you are in transition? to rest, to play? Like humans on vacation?’ I would never receive a word or even a feeling, that would indicate yes or no…just the picture and the feeling of this place.

Then several years later, I ask my guides ‘why do the animals keep showing me this place?’

The answer: ‘This is what they want for you humans, to be who you truly are’


So, what the animals desire for us, is to recognize that what we have created, by separation from our true oneness, and it is not this ‘place’. We have the ability to create this ‘place’ by being who we truly are and by living in oneness will all that is, the earth, nature, animals and all humans. Not with separation but true oneness… They want for us to be who we truly are, not what we think we are or must be or should be, based on what we have “learned” to be! But who we truly are and experience this wonderful place!

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