The Young Man

January 2009

The Young Man

I was walking out side of the office I work in, in downtown Denver and a young man pulling one of those briefcases on wheels, walked passed me.   Not very far up the sidewalk, he stopped and stooped down to look at something on the sidewalk.   All I could make out was a small black ball.  Watching him, I could feel that he was looking at something with life energy.  I wondered.. a mouse?, bat?, what could it be? I stood and watched.   He looked around him as if looking for something and then he very carefully scooped up the black ball and placed it very gently, at the base of a near by tree.   And then he continued on his way.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I went to the tree to see what was there.  It was a very large bumble bee.   It’s little body was expanding and contracting with each breath it took.   Obviously, it had been hurt and was having a difficult time.   My first thought, was to assist the bee in whatever way I could.   And what I felt, was simply sending love and life flow energy to him, so I did.

Then, my thoughts turned toward the young man who had stopped to assist the little guy…I was touched by the compassion and humility of this young man.  He didn’t look around to see if other people were watching his actions and I got that even if someone had, he simply wouldn’t have cared.  Because he cared more about assisting the bee, then what people would think. I thought about how many people perceive that young people, just really don’t care about nature and animals and how that was just not true!   How many adults would have stopped from their busy schedule, to do what he had done?  I thought about how special and wonderful his actions had been.  As I went back into my office building, I carried with me that special moment and the energy of it all.  How cool was that!

I later returned to the tree to check on the bee.   At first, it appeared he was dead.  Not moving and I couldn’t see his breathing any longer.  I bent down (long skirt and all) picked up a small twig (I didn’t want to touch his wings with my fingers as the oils on my fingers could harm him) and gently brushed him, he moved!  He was still alive and still in need of assistance.  So, I cupped my hand over him and offered the assistance of life flow energy, to assist him in what ever way was of benefit.   I only spent a matter of minutes and felt it was done.  I stood up and blessed him on his journey and went back to work.

About an hour later, I came to check on him again and he was gone.  I began searching for him.   I walked around in a circle, about 10 feet from the tree, I did not find him.   Satisfied that he had not gotten stepped on or harmed in someway, but was truly safe, I left feeling good, feeling love and feeling satisfied….how wonderful it is to feel that deep contentment inside.

Later that evening, I was reflecting back on this event and thinking about just how special it all was and how lucky I was to be able to have experienced it. Life is a blessing and when you feel that connection with everything, you realize there truly is no separation. For me, there was an unspoken connection with the young man and his compassion.   And with the bee, who brought us together and allowed me to assist too, all of which created a picture of unity.  It was like a short story…of how when one is in need and someone assists, that energy is passed on and it touches us all (even if we are not consciously aware of it). One event, lead to another and all were synchronistically connected…We are all connected, we Are all One!

August 2010

As I was getting ready to post on my web site, I realized something that I had not before.   This young man’s energy was one of ‘doing what is right’ – now worrying about what others might say or think.  He never went there, he did what from his heart, he knew was right.  A lesson, that at that time I was working on!   Doing what was right by letting go of my known paycheck and trusting myself to create financial support in doing what was right for me, my heart and soul. Honoring my ability and my pathway!  The following April, I stepped out of my comfort zone to do just that!   Sometimes messages and assistance are all around us we just aren’t aware enough to recognize them at the time!

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