Update to ‘What is Happening to the Bees’ Sept 2010

Many years ago, I had a vision that the honey bees were disappearing in big numbers. In 2009, I wrote an article entitled, ‘What is happening to the bees?’ Before I move on to an update that includes new information, I’ll review what I previously wrote about the bees.

The vision, which still continues today, always began with my ‘seeing’ honey bees swarming and moving horizontally from west to east. The bees fly across my mind’s eye from my left, but before reaching the far right, they simply, suddenly disappear. It’s like are were moving through an invisible vertical wall, only not all of them disappear into thin air; some fall to the ground at the same point where others disappear into that invisible vertical wall.

In the next part of the vision, I see the hives: hundreds and hundreds of empty hives. Some of the hives have only a few dead bees around them; later, the hives are surrounded by a lot of dead bees. I now realize that each time I saw this vision, the information was shifting, changing. I didn’t recognize this in the first article (see the February 2009 archived article, ‘What is happening to the bees?’). I believe all those visions were interwoven into the first article.

Some of what stands out for me today is:

  • The bees were moving from the left of my vision to the right. I felt they were moving from east to west. Later, they were moving from west to east.
  • In the beginning, there were very few dead bees around the hives — just empty hives. Later their were many more dead bees.
  • I felt the sadness of what we had done to their food supply, their air and even to their homes. I knew we had been slowly destroying them over time, which I ‘felt’ would be increasing at a very quick pace and — fairly radically — the bees will be gone!
  • There was information and ‘feelings’ around vibrational frequency and shifting — much of which I feel the same today, however, I now realize there was much more to it.
  • I didn’t ask what could be done to assist them.

Go to the source

I decided the best way to find what I wanted to understand was to ask the bees themselves. So I did. I asked what was happening to them.

“For the most part – humans are poisoning us through poisoning our environment,” they told me. Looking around, it’s easy to see. Pesticides; chemicals; genetically modified seeds, plants and trees; toxic water and soil; the list goes on and on. Some of it is done out of ignorance and some is out of greed.

What if there was more to the story?  What if bees are being intentionally destroyed?  While honey bees are critical to our food chain, other insects and species assist in pollinating fruits, plants and even trees.  Yet most critical to the foods we eat are the honey bees. Once they’re gone, so are all those foods that they — and they alone — pollinate!  Also, when any one species becomes extinct, the natural cycle of life on earth is impacted.  Whether it’s obvious to us or not, at some point it will have an impact on the natural cycle.

If this is deliberate, why would anyone want to destroy our food supplies?  The answer lies in the research on what’s been happing to our food supply for years.  For example, chemicals and toxins have been intentionally introduced to the foods we eat, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been created and cultivated and seeds that are planted are carefully controlled.

All of these leave a clear path that can be traced back to corporations, such as Monsanto.  While it didn’t do this on its own, Monsanto has been helped by the very agencies and departments that are suppose to protect our foods. I believe we also are contributing to this greed by being passive, rather than getting involved and saying enough is enough; this must stop!

One of my teachers (Jonah), has shared many times that if humanity wanted the chemicals, toxins and GMOs to stop, all we have to do is say, “Stop!” and it would.  It’s true; if we stood together and firmly said, “Enough! Stop poisoning our foods, water, air and bodies,” it would stop.  As long as we don’t say anything, IT WILL CONTINUE!

Today, many people, organizations and individuals are bringing awareness to the public about what’s happening and where that road will lead us.  The bees have been sharing this information — if only we had really paid attention. They’ve been dying off for several years and displaying strange behavior.

All the signs have been there. If enough people cared about what the bees have been showing us over the years, we then could have said, “Stop!” But for the most part, we’ve pretended it’s not our problem. Whatever that problem is, well, it’ll just go away.

By not recognizing and openly sharing this information I received and knew, I contributed to that same passiveness. Well, not anymore.

Vision, Part 2

The second part of the vision where the bees are going through the wall now has a couple of meanings to me. One is they are disappearing and I believe they are moving on to a place where they will be honored and respected for the value that they bring and offer to all life.  It’s something we haven’t done well with; if you don’t take care of something, it will disappear.

That brings me to the second question I asked them: What can we do to assist you? Their response: “Return to nature.”

I now understand that to mean return to a more natural way of living, in balance with the earth on all levels. I don’t mean that we should give up our jobs, homes and cars and camp out somewhere. We need to look at more natural ways and remedies, rather than the quick fix we usually want. For example, we need to look at more natural options to using chemicals or toxins in our environment.

While we shouldn’t turn our backs on science, medicine, research facilities or even corporations, we also shouldn’t accept what we’ve been programmed to believe is okay or the only way. We need to re-evaluate what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We need to take the time to find out if there’s another way to keep balance, without creating harmful effects on the earth and all living things.

When you think about it, everything on the earth, at some point, came from the earth. And that means the solutions are right here on earth!

What can we do to help the bees?

When the bees replied, “return to nature,” I reacted by looking at what we have done to nature.  And with all the damage that’s already been done, it overwhelmed me.  How in the world would we be able to return to nature?

While I considered this question, the answer come forward.  One of the websites I frequent for information on foods – Food Integrity Now –http://foodintegritynow.org/,  also has a radio show.  That very week, they were hosting a show about the vanishing bees. They were going to be interviewing the people who had created a documentary on the vanishing bees. I listened to the show and later purchased the DVD ‘The Vanishing Bees’ and the answer was there!

Bees thrive on organic farms

Organic farmers are bringing in bee hives to their farms and those bees are thriving!!!  Return to Nature!  If you haven’t already seen the documentary ‘The Vanishing Bees’, I highly recommend it.  It contains great information and provides a way for us to help the bees.

In working with the animals, they have continually shared with me that their foods, water and air are impacting their natural immune systems. This is happening to the point that they are not able to fight off diseases and viruses that they once could.  And their weakening immune systems are highly vulnerable to diseases more than every before.

I continue looking for ways to share this information, however, it takes more than just sharing.  It takes caring about them enough to want to make changes in our lives that that may not be the easiest and quickest.  And remember that what impacts them is also impacting us!

I encourage you to research the topics of chemicals and toxins that are in our foods, water and air, as well as in vaccinations and medications. There are some reliable and great sites out there now as well as many books (see reference, links and places to start your research below).

We need to ask ourselves, “Why do we want to poison our bodies and those of our children, pets and animals?”

I don’t think most of us want that, however, by not standing up and saying, “Stop.” we are doing just that.

  • References and Links

“Silent Spring”, Rachel Carson

This book opened my eyes to the reality of our history with harmful chemicals like DDT and the all to common response for people to believe, what we are being told by ‘experts’ from the government, medical and scientific community only later discovering the truth.  Don’t get me wrong, as I stated earlier, I don’t believe that we should turn our backs on science, medicine, research facilities or even corporations, we should educate ourselves and become aware of what is truly taking place and re-evaluate what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.  We need to take the time to find out if there’s another way to keep balance, without creating harmful effects on the earth and all living things.  And Rachel so beautifully presents this in her book “Silent Spring”.

I really feel like this book lays the foundation for a greater understanding, of what is happening in our environment today with chemicals and toxins.  History does repeat itself and it is simply repeating with other chemicals and toxins.  I believe that we can change what is happening and it all starts with each one of us!


Research and Educate yourself and please use your own discernment while learning, not everything out there is truth, even from what we might consider to be trusted sources.

Places to start your research

Links to websites & articles regarding food, health, water and our air


  • “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette”, Jeffrey Smith
  • “What’s Gotten Into Us?: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World,” McKay Jenkins
  • “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick – And What We Can Do About It”, Robyn O’Brien with Rachel Kranz
  • “Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature”, Martin Teitel
  • “What’s in Your Water?”, John Hinds
  • “The Case Against Fluoride”, Paul Connett, James Beck, H. Spedding Micklem
  • “Weather Warfare”, Jerry E. Smith
  • “Chemtrails Confirmed”, William Thomas


  • What In the World Are They Spraying?
  • Food, Inc.
  • Vanishing of the Bees
  • Farmageddon
  • The World According To Monsanto,
  • The Gerson Miracle
  • The Beautiful Truth

For understanding more about just a few of the environmental impacts to the insects, birds, amphibians, mammals and all animal life, you will need to do some searching.  For the most part, even when large numbers of insects, birds, or other animals die or are found dead, it does not become front page news.  In many cases you have to know, what you are looking for to even find information about them.  With diligence you can uncover much.  Here are some good places to start your search:

Many similar articles – like this one from Time Magazine,  http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2040762_2040769_2040781,00.html may be found by searching local, national or world news sites, Discovery Channel, and Daily Science.

There is also quite a bit of information to be found on local government agency sites (again it does take some diligence and time but well worth the awareness it brings) :

  • Division of Wildlife Resources
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Department of fish and game
  • UC Davis Wildlife Health Center (many dead animals are sent here for examination)
  • Department of food and agriculture
  • Department of Health Services

Drugs and Vaccinations

I won’t go into the human impacts of many drugs and vaccinations here, as that is yet another subject that deserves more time and attention.  However, I highly recommend that you research any and all drugs and their known side affects before taking or giving them to your children.  As with many things we have been putting into our bodies at the trusted advice of a ‘professional’ or even group’s like the CDC that are suppose to be there to protect us…we are now discovering a lack of concern or protection from the harm many drugs can and do cause to our bodies, and minds.

What I would like to point out here is that – what has been happening for us humans – has also been happening for many animals.

Again, research and educate yourself.  In the case of pets it is important to work with a veterinarian that you can candidly talk with and ask questions.  One who is willing to work with you with the animals best interest in mind.

This link is important because it shares why it is important to research your source but more importantly her article which is shared about half way down “Changing Vaccine Protocols”, W. Jean Dodds, DVM.  Clearly states some of the risks associated with vaccinations.  A good article: http://www.itsfortheanimals.com/DODDS-CHG-VACC-PROTOCOLS.HTM

Also, you may want to check out Dr. Karen Becker, DVM website: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/dr-karen-becker.aspx   She shares some honest and open information regarding vaccinations for pets.

Here is a 4 part Video that is filled with great information given by Dr. Ronald Schultz, a pioneer and expert in the field of veterinary vaccines.



It is time to educate ourselves and take action by not supporting systems or corporations that do not have our best interest or that of the animals, the planet, insects, birds and all living beings in mind.


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