What is Happening to the Bees?

February, 2009

What Is Happening To The Bees?

Scientist, beekeepers, apiarists (where bees and beehives are kept and bees are raised) are all in agreement there is something very strange going on with the bee population. And this has been happening for several years. In the last couple of years they have all become alarmed by what is transpiring. The bees are disappearing at an alarming rate! The scientific community has been conducting research, studying and documenting the disappearance of the worlds bee population. There have been numerous reports of large numbers of bee colonies disappearing and leaving behind empty hives. Scientists admit they have not been able to find an explanation. Some research reports contribute the reduction (as they call it) to human cause, introduction of pesticides, chemicals, genetically modified foods and en-balance in their eco system and climate change….but the bottom line is no one has been able to say for sure, what is happening to the bees.

Note: This above information is in regards to the honeybee, which is the species of bees that are disappearing, and is the insect that is most important for the human food chain.


At the time I had this vision, I felt like it was a major event in the future and I still feel it is a representation of a future event. One which we may be leading up to!

In a vision/dream state, my eyes are closed. I am aware of things around me, but keep my eyes closed and allow the pictures to come forward.


I am out in nature. I see a huge swarm of bees, moving from west to east. I am not concerned or scared….I am only observing.

This swarm is moving quite rapidly towards the right of my vision….when they get over half way there, they just disappear. It looks like they fly into a wall, and the wall consumes them. They disappear in a perfect vertical line and are gone.


When I am in this ‘vision’ state, I ask questions, in my mind and I receive answers from my higher self or my guides and/or the bees. For simplicity I will use ‘them or they’.


I ask ‘them’, where did they go?

I hear, “To another dimension”. Cool, I say. What dimension did they go to? I hear nothing, so I ask again. While I am asking the question this time, I start seeing more pictures; groups of dead bees lying around hives, trees, on the ground, a lot of dead bees. I see lots and lots of empty hives, then a group of bees fly for the wall again and disappear.

Then suddenly, I understand….

Some bees die and some move to a new place maybe a different vibration or dimension…this is why we think they are disappearing! So I ask, if this is correct, and ‘they’ say, “Yes”. I ask why, why are they doing this?

“Everything they need is poisoned, their food, air, water, everything that supports their bodies, their reproduction, their lives…” I feel sad when I hear this. But I also understand, and I know they are right. More pictures; I see bees fly to flowers and start to gather pollen and feel weak and sick, but also like they have no choice. I see and feel them in their hives- weak, agitated, angry. It is a reaction to what they are taking into their bodies, and it is not healthy. They know this but have no choice. I see that they pollinate less and less because they do not feel well and because it does not feel good or right to them. They move to other locations, only to find the same thing over and over again. They cannot escape the poisons we have created. I also feel the sorrow of the plants and flowers. We have messed with the bee’s DNA and they are not okay with this either… and cross-breeding is not okay unless they choose it, they know what works for them and what doesn’t. The bees understand the frequency of their bodies, we do not! And worse, this mostly done out of greed rather than love…they know this also.

I see more bees move to the wall and realize their movement is deliberate. They move in that direction when the frequency reaches a certain vibration- they know it and move towards it. I understand that this frequency shift comes in cycles or waves, like certain months or certain times of the year, and during that time they know, they feel it coming and they prepare and they go….I think, how cool is that!!

Again I ask ‘them’, what dimension are they moving too? I hear “You will soon find out”. But as I am asking the question, I begin to feel the answer. I see nothing but sky and bees, but I can feel it. It is perfect. Peaceful, and tranquil, and I can feel that the bees are busy….happy…healthy. Everything feels perfect- the temperature, the air, the flowers, the hives, everything!

I ask ‘them’, if they are moving to the 4th dimension, and I hear “Yes, some of them are and some of them aren’t. It depends on their purpose and their physical body. Some bodies are able to shift, others are not. The ones that are not may simply leave the physical body and energetically move to another dimension or plane, if that is their choice. Some will stay in the 3rd, but slowly they will disappear as they will not be able to survive the environment of the 3rd.”   As ‘they’ are speaking, I am seeing it!

Then I get excited and wonder, if bees can do this, then other animals can! Again, I see pictures that show me other animals moving toward the wall, but no really large ones. So, of course I have to ask about this. I hear, “Some of them are and some of them aren’t. It depends on their evolutionary desire, their physical bodies and the cycles, the timing….when the frequency supports them, they go, if that is their choice. There is a time for everything. The animals have been preparing for this for a long time. They have been working with the Earth frequency and their bodies to prepare to move to the next evolution.”   I am in awe…wow!!


2010 – Update

I have not had this vision since late fall of 2009. I believe this vision has to do with the shifts that our galaxy, the earth and ultimately, what we are all experiencing and will continue to experience. Recently, there has been quite a bit of information published by the scientific and spiritual community regarding, the movement of our galaxy, how this impacts the earth, and everything on it. There is also,  quite a bit of information available now, that discusses the vibrational frequency of the earth, it’s dimensions and planes. You can find this information on the web in scientific forums and in books.

For me,  this vision is a reminder that the earth is shifting into a higher vibration and we have the opportunity to shift to a higher vibration as well, just as the bees did. In order to do that,  we must prepare ourselves for that. By making choices and taking action that allows our vibrational frequency to raise. This vision also brought me comfort in knowing that the animals are preparing and shifting too!


Update 2011

In recent months, I have been connecting with the bees and asking more questions around the visions that I have received.  For the purpose of obtaining more clarity as well as direct answers to the following questions, ‘what is happening to the bees?’  and ‘what we can do to assist them?’  The bees response was indeed clear – ‘we are being poisoned’ and ‘return to nature’.  For more detailed information about their response and my ‘new’ understanding,  read my second article ‘What is Happening to the Bees? A 2011 Update’.


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